New National Newsletter

In preparation for the GMB Annual Congress in June we have GMB ULFworked with the other GMB ULF Projects across the UK to put together the latest edition of The GLUE.

There will be printed copies available at congress and at other national events throughout the year but below you can find an electronic version which you can read online.cropped-gmb-reachout-logo-e14126932652341.jpg

This exciting 3rd edition sees 4 new projects in 4 regions as well as expansions of existing projects into new areas. The continuing work of Reach Out and the other ULF projects is guiding thousands of GMB members into education and training.

Find out more here….


Northern Irish Newsletter Issue 1

To make sure you all know what’s going on with our Northern Ireland project we have created a special edition of our newsletter.

There are printed copies available at the Holywood office and Project Worker Andy McCann will be able to make sure you get a copy, or a few copies to hand out among colleagues.

We’ve also kept some here in England, so if you’re based in the Northwest and would like a copy, please let us know.

Alternatively you can view an electronic copy of the newsletter here:

We hope you enjoy reading and if you have any comments or ideas for future articles in either this or our regular newsletter please make sure you get in touch.