Women’s Conference and Lisa’s Learning Journey

This week has seen the 14th Annual GMB North West & Irish Region Women’s Conference in Liverpool.



Lisa at Women's Conference 2014



The conference has been attended by activists from across the region and highlighted a number of current topics and issues in the workplace, the home and in wider communities affecting women and families. Among them were two of our very own Project Workers, Lisa Mullan and Joanne Phillips.

Yesterday Lisa  addressed the attendees to talk about her own learning journey. She first came to the ACT Centre in Accrington 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

The full story was also delivered to a learning fringe meeting at Congress this year. You can find the transcript here.

The speech went down a storm and Lisa was given a standing ovation!!


Staying on Track – 5 Tips to Stay Motivated

A few weeks into a new course, after the initial excitement has faded, some adult learnersMotivation begin to feel fear and doubt.  Don’t let these feelings creep in.

Whatever the reasons for starting the course – setting an example to kids or grandkids, to help get a better job, or just to gain a new qualification – these reasons still apply.  Try to focus on them and you will overcome the apprehension.

1. Support
Lean on the people who support you being on the course. If you need some time to work on your study then let friends, family and colleagues know how they can help out.  In most cases they want to help, but might not know how.

2. Make time for studying
We can’t magic up extra hours in the day – so you’re going to have to set aside time for your course.  Stay on top of the work you need to do and don’t let it build up.  Little and often is the key.

3. Talk to your tutors
Your tutors want you to succeed!! If you’re at all worried, talk to them.  Let them know what is bothering you and they may have ways of helping you.  What they want is to see you coming back and enjoying the course.

4. Pick a pal
It’s always easier to achieve your goals if your working with someone who will help you as well as push you to succeed. Find someone in your group who will do this, but also someone you want to see succeed as well.

5. Make some changes
Think about your first few weeks. Are you actively involved in the course.? Do you arrive on time? Are you listening and contributing? Are you achieving the goals of each session?  If not – GET STUCK IN.  You will get out what you put in.

It’s not always easy to study as an adult when there are lots of other demands on our time but keep reminding yourself that your learning journey is precisely that – it’s yours to own and control.

Climb Aboard, Get Online

This week, as part of Get Online Week, we are working in partnership with Great Places Housing Group to help people access the internet and get online for the first time.


Our trusty blue bus will be touring the region promoting the benefits of being online and assisting those who may find it a little daunting.

See here for details of where the bus will be and tell your neighbours, colleagues and friends – especially if they are new to the internet – there are even a couple of Samsung Galaxy Tablets up for grabs!!!

The GMB Reach Out bus is a great way of adding significant visibility to a learning event you may be planning.  If you could use it, then please let a member of the team know – just fill in the form below:

ACT Accrington at 5

When we set up ACT Accrington 5 years ago we dare not dream about how successful it could become.ACT Accrington Logo

Now as the team meets to plan the 5th anniversary celebrations, the centre is busy 5 days a week.  English, Maths and IT classes run throughout the week, with work clubs and Information, Advice & Guidance sessions being held on a Tuesday.

The centre is managed by Lisa.  She was one of the first learners to take advantage of the funded IT courses available at ACT Accrington and has stuck with the project, taking on firstly an administrative role within the team and now project worker responsibilities.  She is ably assisted by Marek, who in recent months has continued with his English course and has acted as translator to help recruit new learners.

We are planning to celebrate with the local community in the next few weeks and we’ll be sending out invites and details soon.  Keep your eyes on the blog or follow ACT Accrington on Twitter @ACT_Accrington for more information.